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In Search of Chemozoa - boredomresearch - aspex gallery - Portsmouth - 19 May - 25 July 2021

Commissioned and funded by the Arizona Cancer Evolution Center at the Biodesign Institute (USA) boredomresearch have been collaborating with scientists for over ten years.

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Pandemic Encounters ::: being [together] in the Deep Third Space - Paul Sermon - May 23rd 2020 - Leonardo Laser Hosts (online) - in collaboration with Randall Packer and Gregory Kuhn

I remember, as a child, holding a hand mirror below my eyes so I could look at the ceiling and imagine being in that space. Deep Third Space is a bit like that.



Unconscious Landscapes - Works from the Ursula Hauser Collection - Hauser and Wirth Somerset - 25 May - 8 September 2019

This exhibiton consists of works collected by Ursula Hauser. She began collecting art forty years ago and there is a thread running through the works, and which informs her choices.



Creative Machine 2 - Love in a Cold Climate - Goldsmiths University of London - St James Hatcham Building - 8th - 18th November 2018

Can computers be creative? This is the essential question raised by this exhibition, curated by William Latham, Frederic Fol Leymarie at Goldsmiths Department of Computing
and Anna Frants and Elena Gubanova from the Cyland Collective in Russia.



Antony Gormley - Subject - Kettles Yard - Cambridge - 22 May - 27th August 2018

The first thing you see upon entering the gallery space is a bronze cast of Gormley's body hanging horizontally, perpendicular to the floor. Then you notice suspended wire lines. The effect is to conjour with computed space, x,y and z co-ordinates and the relative weightlessness of form. This is in contrast to the heavyness of the sculptures in actual fact.



CAS50 Exhibition - The Lightbox Gallery - Leicester - 21st May - 13th June 2018

This fascinating exhibition, curated by Sean Clark, is being held to celebrate fifty years of the Computer Arts Society which was founded in 1968 to promote the creative use of computers in the arts and culture.



Everybody Needs a Symbolic Expression Now and Then!

In this Mental Health Week, I want to write something about art and mental health. Hanna Segal wrote extensively about this in her book Dream, Phantasy and Art (1991) in which she explores the creative process and its effect on the recipient of that process. There is a powerful connection between making or consuming a work of art and mental health.